Does your executive team have the skills and adaptability to move to the next level? Are the leaders you are considering bringing on board stronger in some areas than in others? Do you really know the full potential of the leaders you already have?

At Pivotal, we recognize that leadership development is a long-term journey and that even the best leaders can improve. Our Executive Assessment and Development Practice is aimed at helping your leaders do just that. Our work in this area began in the 2015 and evolved into a bespoke approach, one that recognizes that your leaders may need to be evaluated against the new and specific challenges of today’s volatile world. Whether you are working through a succession process, completing a merger, or pivoting into a new industry, we can work with individuals or an entire top management team to discover what your executives have — and what support they may need to unlock their best selves. We also provide market insights, including benchmarking, to enable senior leaders to make the best people decisions. 

Our goal is to draw the greatness out of every leader. 

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