We engage over 50 seasoned M&A specialists, dealmakers, researchers and analysts at Pivotal.

Not every company is built to be sold, and not every seller is built to sell. While some companies and owners may be ready to go when you knock on the door, in the lower to middle markets, this is a rare find. Pivotal was created with this reality in mind. We continually adapt our processes to bring liquidity and efficiency to these segments of the M&A markets. For acquirers, this results in a higher probability of closing, quicker closes, lower transaction costs, more certain diligence results, quicker post-acquisition integration, and better post-closing relationships with sellers and management teams. Some of the key areas in which Pivotal creates these beneficial results include:


We represent business owners who are highly motivated and want to take the next logical step with their businesses, to which they have dedicated a significant amount of their time and effort. Whether they seek to take that business to the next level, exit, or just find a way to diversify their personal wealth, entrepreneurs from around the world rely on our large team of professionals and motivated buyer contacts to achieve their objectives.


Every company and business owner is unique, and we believe the sales process should be tailored to every aspect that makes it unique. Our proprietary Fingerprint Process is specifically designed to ensure the most thorough and beneficial journey through every step of a deal. It’s a highly individualized experience that enables us to craft a solution that is right for you. 

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