Board Effectiveness

Is your executive board as prepared as it needs to be, not just for today but for the next decade? More and more organizations are realizing that the only way to deal with the increasing pace of change is to have an effective board of directors that is flexible, creative, and open-minded to match.

This is a shift: Rather than focusing on avoiding risk, today’s best boards must see uncertainty as an inevitable part of both innovation and governance. However, an understanding that the ability to manage risk well can present its own opportunities and is another key marker of board effectiveness.

Pivotal’ Approach To Board Effectiveness With our Executive Assessment and Development Practice, we have created bespoke solutions to help give some of the most prestigious and complex organizations in the world a more effective board of directors. Our goal is to determine whether boards have the skill sets needed for the ever-evolving corporate landscape and, if they don’t, help them get there.

Sometimes that means working with existing candidates; sometimes it means recruiting new ones. Our work also applies to CEO succession planning, one of the most critical responsibilities a board has. Whatever the situation, we work with you to develop an outcome where your enterprise has the effective board it needs. We have been working closely with companies to improve board effectiveness for decades, helping them find the very best leaders for their most critical needs.

Board Director Hiring

Boards today face more complex challenges than ever. They must balance many issues, from shareholder activism to cyber security, and compliance issues to diversity and innovation. As such, finding the appropriate candidates with the right qualifications who represent your company’s values is essential to the wellbeing of any business.

Pivotal’ Approach to Board Recruitment With more than 10 years of experience in executive search, Pivotal’ team knows what it takes to put together an effective board director hiring strategy. We also know that no one person has all the different types of expertise a modern business needs, which is why recruiting a board which represents a diverse set of perspectives and backgrounds is more critical than ever.

Our clients—who include many of the most prestigious and innovative organizations in the world—trust us to find the right fit, wherever that search may take us. Pivotal’ board recruitment process is also deeply committed to diversity and inclusion and feel passionate about bringing the value of multiple views and differences into the boardroom. Our global network of consultants is committed to finding not just the obvious candidates but those who are less known. As a result, we can match your business to deeply qualified leaders who are armed with the skills to handle today’s biggest business issues.

Board Consulting

Having an effective board means ensuring that internal practices run at the level they should and is the basis of a successful business. At Pivotal, we offer a range of board consulting services, from compensation analysis to talent development strategy. Our advisory board consulting team are available to not only enhance your board, but also to make sure its members use best industry practices, as well as prioritize diversity and inclusion solutions

Pivotal’ Approach to Board Consulting Our vast global network of consultants allows us to offer your business access to events and workshops around the world. This will give your team the chance to meet and talk to like-minded leaders, gather insight and share intelligence. Pivotal’s aim is to help you develop the best board leadership possible for your business.

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