We build both careers and organizations. Our searches are not chance driven but are founded in the infallible strategy of ‘relationship building’ and ‘robust knowledge base’. Over our 10 years in business, we have closed more than 300 senior assignments with a success rate of over 95 percent.

Accuracy, precision, scientific methodology and resourcefulness are desirable traits, and all search firms would mandate them. However, as the leader of the Executive Search market in APAC, our responsibility far outreaches the precincts of these values. Our responsibility is to understand the client’s business needs, and to accurately sight leadership qualities in candidates.

Our business model is unique and unprecedented in the APAC market. It makes sure that our interests are aligned to the interests of our clients both morally and monetarily.

Our Search Proces

Our search process is drawn from the best practices across the globe. The methodology ensures consistency as well as required flexibility and innovation.

The broad steps involved in the process are:
  • Detailed client meeting and job profiling – comprising of defining the role, skill set analysis, special values/psychological requirements, corporate culture, personality fitment etc.

  • Drafting of a comprehensive search strategy with client’s involvement covering expected sourcing grounds, benchmark profiles along with laying out of timelines for completing various steps

  • A 3-tier mapping of the search depending on position and client need
  • Drawing up the long list, in consultation with client
  • First level screening and reference checks by EA and assessment based on records and involving personal interactions
  • Organizing meetings of most relevant shortlisted candidates with the client
  • Performance checks of short-listed candidates in all spheres of his current existence (peers, seniors, subordinates, competitors)
  • Psychometric Assessment reports of the shortlisted candidates
  • Package negotiation according to the industry benchmarks and skill sets
  • Partnership with the client and candidate begins: helping the candidate get settled, constant check on his performance and client’s satisfaction.
  • In case of any problems/crisis post hiring, EA is available with back-up measures and sometimes it means immediately delving into its rich and ready database.
  • Finally — and this is unique among search firms — we conduct a detailed Client and Candidate Feedback survey (CSS) after every search assignment where we seek from our clients and candidates placed in order identifying any issues from which we can learn in order to improve the quality of our service in the future.

Why Retained Search

Many a times a client is in two minds on whether he should partner a retained search firm or a firm with a contingent business model.

Contingent search puts into question many of the professional tenets that are core to the practice of executive search such as confidentiality, exclusivity and professionalism. Retained search guarantees unwavering commitment and mutual trust which is critical for leadership searches. A retained search firm allocates dedicated resources to every search which help in a professional scan of the market and adherence to timelines.

Moreover once a client has exclusively partnered with a retained search firm he is not tempted to hire multiple firms for the same search which otherwise create confusion in the market and affect the brand.

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