How effective are your leaders?

PIVOTAL is a leader in executive search and assessment with a global footprint, local expertise, and extensive experience across numerous industries and functions.

We Make from the Best

We will support you in answering these questions confidently, providing you with the acumen and awareness needed to make the right leadership decisions, at the right times. Our specialists in Executive Assessment and Development are able to accommodate and understand the needs and aptitude of each individual, in order to make the most of your potential and use your leadership skills to their greatest effect.
The effectiveness of the leadership system in an organization determines the organization’s performance, especially in volatile and uncertain business environments.

Executive & Leadership Effectiveness

When assessing leaders, the objective is to be able to identify those who can lead now, as well as those who have future leadership potential. This means identifying a leadership partner who works with a robust and customizable assessment methodology, an in-depth understanding of the science of leadership and, most importantly, is recognized for their expertise on leadership matters.

At PIVOTAL we have assessed and delivered leadership talent, delivering high impact and sustainable results in organizational growth for more than 10 years, in around the world, and across the widest spectrum of industries and sectors.

The leaders we focus on...

Assessment methodology
A deep understanding of executive talent

As a leader in worldwide executive search, we can accurately gauge your executives against the industry’s leaders, many of whom we have personally identified and placed.

A unique view on potential

Rather than judging and predicting future success based on past experience alone, we use a unique approach that takes into consideration the proven indicators of success for your company.

Executives advising executives

We approach each commitment with a thorough understanding of your individual business needs, and an ultimate goal of driving your business forward to achieve the best results. Every company is different. And no two business challenges are the same.

Every company is different. And no two business challenges are the same.
At PIVOTAL we realize this, and have the requisite proficiency and understanding to tailor our client solutions in order to meet the needs of each individual or organization.

Our experience speaks for itself in terms of our understanding of executive assessment, development, and leadership, and our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the market ensures we are able to help you overcome any future challenges your business may face.

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